Update on Treating Articulation in the Schools – (HISD 2022)

Mark Strait

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This presentation covers treating often difficult-to-treat articulation disorders and offers easy solutions to challenging issues.

Instructor Information

Lonnie Harris, Ph.D., CCC-SLP is a retired speech-language pathologist who earned his Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina. He has spent most of his 41 years in the field working with the pediatric population, focusing primarily on fluency disorders, voice and resonance disorders, oral motor disorders, and phonology. He has worked in the medical, public school, and university settings throughout his career.

Dr. Harris is the past president of the Kentucky Speech-Language-Hearing Association and has served on the board of the Council of State Association Presidents. He has made more than 300 presentations the state, regional, and national levels on various topics and has written the Desk Reference of Assessment Instruments in Speech-Language Pathology from the Psychological Corporation. Dr. Harris’s last 10 years were spent as the director for the EBS Healthcare Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio regions, mentoring CFs and SLPs in those and other states.

Financial Disclosure: Dr. Harris is paid consultant with EBS Healthcare. He has no other relevant financial relationships to disclose.

Non-Financial Disclosure: Dr. Harris has no other non-financial information to disclose.

Learner Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe how to plan and treat a program to treat /r/.
  2. Describe how to plan and treat a program to treat the frontal and lateral lisp.
  3. Describe how to plan and treat a program to treat glottal stops.


  • 25 minutes: Correcting the /r/
  • 25 minutes: Shaping Approach for Correcting the Lisp
  • 15 minutes: Avoiding Pitfalls when Treating /f/, /θ/, and Alveolars
  • 25 minutes: Correcting the Glottal Stops
  • 10 minutes: Knowing When to Move Forward in Therapy
  • 10 minutes: Transitioning from Word Level to Phrase Level
  • 10 minutes: Managing Group Therapy